How to get speed networking exactly right’s Mike Slater and Sean Gallas, chat about their extensive experience in the speed networking world on Hayley Haggerty’s “In Case of An Event” podcast. They discuss the the real value and benefits to participants, sponsors, and show organizers, expand on how to monetize the platform, and what the future of speed networking looks like – a match made in virtual, in-person, or hybrid event heaven.

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Key takeaways

  • Participants want more time to network virtually
    Virtual participants are requesting more time to be face to face, approximately 10 mins.
  • Speed networking can be monetized
    It’s a great product to get sponsored for branding opportunities and for including meetings with specific participants with their package.
  • Utilize speed networking in a virtual setting to be a connector between live events.
    The simple sign up and user-friendly system could be used as a bridge between your live events.
  • Keep. It. Simple.
    Being over creative or complex can be detrimental to your event. Keep the matching criteria simple, and make sure each criteria has enough participants represented.

About “In Case of An Event”

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