Create an Exciting Member Engagement Event

We understand the challenges event organizers face when it comes to creating engaging networking experiences.  Imagine seamlessly connecting like-minded professionals, sparking meaningful conversations, and fostering authentic connections in minutes, not hours. Member engagement thrives when virtual and in-person events are on the agenda. Our solution is designed to transform your events into dynamic, interactive experiences that will leave attendees raving about the value they’ve received. The key benefits of the Speed solution include:

  • Matchmaking: Attendees provide their preferences and goals during registration. Our system leverages a proprietary predictive analytic algorithm that creates a participant’s connections based on shared interests and objectives for connecting.
  • Speedy conversations: Participants are paired for brief, focused conversations, typically lasting 5–8 minutes. It’s a fun and efficient way to meet 6 to 8 relevant people in a short time.
  • Higher engagement: Participants love the thrill of quick, purposeful interactions that keep them engaged throughout the event.
  • Effortless networking: Encourages members to meet more people in less time, expanding their network and opportunities.
  • Post-event connections: After the event, participants can continue building relationships with those they connected with by using our post event connection portal.
  • Same Platform for both in person and virtual speed networking events: Regardless of the event type, organizers have the capability to ensure participants are matched with new contacts they did not meet in prior events. 
  • Experienced Customer Success Manager for each event: An experienced coach helps guide the event organizer every step of the way to help ensure each event’s success and to maximize the efforts of the event organizer. 

A recent survey of association members uncovered a desire for more of these quick hitting networking events to foster meaningful new relationships.

Our 12 years of experience has culminated in a total solution of technology and coaching that is unique in this generation of speed networking solutions.  You and your members deserve the best!