Cross Training

Cross training / selling programs ensure staff have a comprehensive understanding of different departments and divisions / subsidiaries of the parent company.


  • Senior staff were failing to identify client opportunities due to a lack of 1) internal knowledge of other divisions and 2) strategic connections within the firm
  • Significant revenue streams were being missed


Speed Networking consultants helped:

  • Identify roadblocks to internal engagement
  • Create a targeted networking event where participants would only meet colleagues in other practice areas
  • Execute a dedicated event to strategically engage senior staff and partners


  • Client-defined matching parameters resulting in an 84% matching score
  • Average participant satisfaction score of 92%
  • Participants received event follow-up action plan
  • Program highlighted numerous internal relationships that were previously unknown and the managing partner / project champion was elated!

Use Cases

  • Inter-department education / exposure
  • Inter-company education / exposure
  • Career path / growth
  • Provide exposure to all areas of the business


  • Fosters valuable internal relationships
  • Preserves and expands resource capabilities
  • Cultivates well-rounded staff as they advance their career
  • Promotes thinking outside the box