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We think it’s a smart idea to try something out first! Create one free event for up to 10 participants! We’re confident you won’t be disappointed!

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Stand Alone
One-Time Event

Starting at $599

Just need our services for one or two events, then this is the right choice! We provide you the tools and resources to set up and host a great event.

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Starting at $300 / Month

For organizers who plan on hosting multiple events and need volume-based pricing, this is the best option with great flexibility.

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Need to talk to us about a different type of plan, we are all ears! We work with AMCs, Marketing / Media companies, Distribution Partners and more.

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Answers to the Most Common Questions


What is a Registered Participant?

A “Registered Participant”  is considered someone that registers for an event and checks in prior to the time the event begins.

If someone is imported and / or invited to an event and fails to register or complete their registration, they will not be counted as a Registered Participant in the event. If they register for a Speed Networking event but fail to check in, they will also not be counted as a Registered Participant.

The total cost for the event is based upon the pricing plan chosen.

Do I have to provide a credit card for the FREE plan?

No.  If you sign up for the Free plan, which allows you to host an event with up to 10 participants, no credit card information is required at checkout.

Note, however, if your event exceeds 10 participants, you will automatically be moved into the DIY plan and will be invoiced for the cost of the event.

When creating your event under the Free plan, we recommend that you set a maximum number of participants to 10 to ensure that you do not exceed the limitations.

What types of payment do you accept?

We accept all of the major credit cards, including Visa, Mastercard, Discover and American Express.