Internal Mentoring

Internal mentoring programs are key to enhancing corporate culture, which leads to increased employee satisfaction, retention, productivity and career growth.


  • Retention due to perceived exclusion, lack of leadership engagement
  • Productivity due to turnover and inexperience
  • Client dissatisfaction due to longer deliverable times and increased expenses


Speed Networking consultants helped:

  • Define the target audience
  • Determine senior leadership champions
  • Execute a virtual mentor / mentee event where senior leaders meet with rising staff


  • Client-defined matching parameters resulting in an 85% matching score
  • Average participant satisfaction score of 94%
  • Participants received event follow-up action plan
  • Leadership identified several areas for corporate culture improvement from participant feedback

Use Cases

  • Emerging leaders
  • New hires
  • Executive leadership
  • Alumni of corporation


  • Establish future leadership
  • Retain talent within and outside the walls of the organization
  • Promotes personal and professional development
  • Reduces cost of learning
  • Mentors gain insight into needs of emerging leaders
  • Mentees feel more appreciated and recognized
  • Corporate culture enhances
  • Inclusion for all team members