Corporate Culture

The future of corporate culture is meaningful employee engagement, better productivity, and ultimately growth for the company and its employees. Successful companies will have team-centric cultures that uplift their employees in ways we have not seen before.

Speed Networking offers an easy and affordable way to:

  • offer a targeted diversity and inclusion program
  • knowledge share across the organization
  • mentoring at all levels within the organization
  • network limited only by your imagination

Virtual Engagements


  • Mentoring / Emerging Leader
  • Team Building / Peer to Peer / Knowledge sharing
  • Cross Department Collaboration / Cross Selling Collaboration


  • Virtual Speed Networking
  • In-Person Speed Networking
  • Targeted Connections
  • Actionable Analytics and Reporting


  • Expands Global Reach
  • Addresses and Engages Remote Workforce
  • Significant Time and Cost Saving
    Exposes Immediate Insights

Corporate Culture Change

Benefits of 1:1 Networking

  • Ensures Corporate Fulfillment of DE&I
  • Increases Employee Engagement
  • Reduces Cost of Learning
  • Creates Strong Learning Culture
  • Exemplifies Company Values
  • Inspires Innovation, Collaboration & Recognition