Team Building

Internal peer-to-peer programs inspire knowledge sharing and team building within and between all levels of the organization regardless of geographic barriers.


  • Diversity, equity and inclusion (DE&I) due to challenges connecting geographically distributed staff
  • Lack of awareness due to the broad range of departments across the organization


Speed Networking consultants helped:

  • Identify a focused objective with desired outcomes
  • Create a cultural engagement questionnaire
  • Execute a dedicated virtual event within a variety of times to accommodate worldwide company participation


  • Client-defined matching parameters resulting in an 88% matching score
  • Average participant satisfaction score of 96%
  • Participants received event follow-up action plan
  • Program has expanded throughout the organization for a variety of engagement objectives

Use Cases

  • Inter-department training
  • Intra-department training
  • Career path / growth
  • Network without geographic barriers


  • Inspires collaboration & innovation
  • Encourages knowledge sharing
  • Enhances internal communication
  • Builds confidence and trust within the organization
  • Enhances culture
  • Fosters valuable internal relationships