Corporations Enhance Workforce Culture with Virtual

National and international corporations are searching for ways to overcome the negative effects of the transition to remote work environments.  Companies like Microsoft and KPMG are utilizing our technology and services to address the challenges of an increasingly remote workforce.   

Prioritizing communication and fostering virtual team-building activities support the employee well-being and helps to reaffirm the company’s values and mission in the face of a changing workforce environment.  Flexibility, empathy, and a focus on maintaining a sense of community are key to mitigating the detrimental effects of the pandemic on corporate culture.  Utilizing new methods of virtual face to face engagement like speed networking sessions as a part of a regular leadership cadence are helping Employee Resource Groups to foster a sense of belonging among employees.   

With the sudden shift to remote work for many companies, maintaining a strong sense of corporate culture has become more challenging. Remote work can lead to feelings of isolation and disconnection among employees, hindering collaboration and communication.  By implementing speed networking sessions that create 6 to 8 face-to-face interactions in an hour at a very low cost, the company increases the ability for employees to build relationships and foster a sense of belonging within an organization.

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