What’s In Store for the Future in Event Planning?

Virtual networkingWhat’s working when it comes to event planning?

In 2023, the opportunity to revamp and create a fresh experience should be top-of-mind for event coordinators and marketers. Inviting in new ideas, such as fresh takes on delivering educational content and new, interactive formats, can enhance the overall event.

The expectation for marketers is high and, if an event doesn’t match the attendee’s needs, they’re more likely to move on to the next. Below, we’ll discuss the importance of:

  • Updating event styles to create a fresh new experience
  • How to combine both physical and virtual event styles
  • The proper way to budget for events in the current economy

Some unique ideas for conferences and events are:

  • Pre-Conference Virtual Networking, which allows conference attendees to get a leg-up on meeting potential contacts prior to the event, saving time, zeroing in on those connections that have a mutual synergy with and breaking the ice prior to the conference event.
  • Campfire presentations, which start off with a standalone speaker, who then turns to the audience invite comments, insights, and questions.
  • Birds of a Feather, which involves a group of people with a common interest or area of expertise informally working together to discuss and alleviate pain points and challenges.
  • Human Spectogram, which involves the presenter asking the group a few questions and then having individuals move to an area of the room to reveal their answers.
  • A Solution Room that is designed to provide peer-supported advice on individuals’ problems and usually lasts 90-120 minutes;
  • Lightning Talks, which are useful in keeping the audience’s attention while multiple ideas are being presented in a short amount of time; and
  • Silent Disco Talks, which allow attendees to switch content tracks easily and quietly by switching to a new station on their headphones.