Year-Round Engagement is Critical in the Post-Pandemic Landscape

For the first time since May 2019, the IMEX Frankfurt show took place in person with 9,000 attendees.  Among the various activities were a series of educational sessions to deliver a better understanding of the post-pandemic landscape for planning and executing events.

One topic that was ripe for discussion: Shorter lead times and niche events have become more common. “Organizers are understandably jittery right now,” given the still-uncertain future of travel because of Covid, said Cathy Breden, managing director of CEIR and CEO of International Association of Exhibitions and Events. “This has led to shorter [planning] cycles and new models such as smaller niche and regional events, which present new opportunities for both sides of the industry.”

Speed networking fits nicely into this new landscape, as the concept offers short, focused agendas that can be conducted as frequently as desired.  Buyers and sellers, for example, can be strategically matched into 1:1 meetings so that sellers only meet with buyers interested in the products and services they sell. Colleagues can be paired with others that share the same professional goals.

The platform was designed to make planning and executing networking events simple for event organizers, and powerfully effective for event participants.  With our self-service platform, organizers can not only set up an event in under 30 minutes, but participate in the event as well since the platform runs meetings in autopilot.  Once the networking meetings begin, they run based upon a timer and are hands off for the organizer!

Speed Networking events can be both in-person and virtual, and pivoting between the two with ease gives event planners a sense of comfort knowing that a live event can quickly be converted to a virtual event with very little lead time.

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