Why Limit Networking to Only Your Annual Conference?

SpeedNetworking.com has been around for almost a decade. In the last 8 years, we have worked with almost every single type of organization. From Fortune 100 companies and associations that hold massive annual conferences, to Universities and your local chambers of commerce.

What is one thing that has been asked multiple times? We hear time and time again, “How can we keep engagement going throughout the course of the year?”

In today’s competitive landscape, keeping your employees and attendees engaged and interested is of paramount importance. The feeling of inclusiveness while professionally growing in ones career is something almost everyone desires. Why limit that interaction to only the big annual meeting once a year?

We have created the ultimate engagement platform that will give your audience the ability to network throughout the course of the year while meeting new people at each event. Imagine being able to hold a monthly virtual (or in-person) event where one can seamlessly meet a handful of new relevant contacts. That is how you can separate yourself from the competition.

A corporate client of ours has been hosting a series of virtual SpeedNetworking.com events each month. Here is what they had to say recently, “I’ve only received positive feedback (from our participants). Someone just shared with us, “This is a fantastic event! It’s such a great way to meet people. I hope we can do this again.”

If you are looking to connect your audience and/or employees together in a strategic way that will provide them quality contacts, then reach SpeedNetworking.com today and book a short 20 minute demo to see how you can be on your way to separating yourself from your competition.