What Managers Should Understand About Workplace Expectations in 2023.

The workplace environment is constantly evolving and changing, and for younger employees like those in Gen X-Y-Z, traditional office politics are not something they care about. Here’s how you can capture their attention instead.

Regardless of the age dynamic or organizational rank, the business world is a lot different than what it was a decade or so ago — and for Gen Z, a generation that has never known a world without the internet, the workplace is now something they’re quickly reshaping.

Yet the oldest age group of Gen Z is already turning 25 and has likely been on the job market for quite some time. Statistics show that as of 2020, this group made up roughly 20% of the American population (or about 67 million people).

Being such a large and diverse group of people, the traditional office has seen some much-needed change and adoption in recent years as these employees started entering the job market at a rapid scale.

A survey by Tallo found that 65% of Gen Z employees are more likely to value an ethnically and racially diverse workforce, the highest percentile among other age groups. Case studies prove that for Gen Z, it’s more than a job — it’s become a way of breaking the barrier between social and political matters, as well as bringing the workplace structure closer to current events. 

With such a politically diverse group of employees stepping up to become the employers of tomorrow, managers and recruiters should be aware of the things NewGen Employee wants them to know.