What Do the X-Y-Z Generations Want from Their Employers?

When compared with other age groups, the NewGen employee shares the biggest interest and social consciousness related to environmental and sustainability matters. Roughly 58% of these employees feel that their company needs to be more environmentally responsible.

On the back of this, younger employees also share a bigger interest with employers who care about diversity, equity and inclusion, with 68% of Gen Zs saying they want their company to be more committed to social issues.In recent years, NewGen employees have become more vocal in their support for social matters that can help drive macro changes and improvements. Though there have been some changes in recent times, with companies taking up more time to develop and implement environmental, social, and corporate government (ESG) efforts, for NewGen’s, these elements of the workplace will often be considered a dealbreaker.

An Inclusive Workforce

One cannot overstate the importance of inclusion within an organization. Employees tend to stay in their positions longer and produce higher-quality work when they feel included. 

In addition, workers want to feel like their jobs give them personal value and meaning. 

Some ways to create inclusivity in your workplace are:

  • Creating social learning opportunities where teams can connect 
  • Offering a mentorship program
  • Celebrating employee differences 
  • Prioritizing communication and setting goals to measure progress
  • Training leaders to listen to employees and provide constructive feedback