We’ve Entered the World of Predictive Matchmaking Solutions

We are the pioneers in customized predictive matchmaking solutions for events where smart networking programs are essential. With over 300 clients, and growing rapidly, representing trade associations/conferences, alumni associations, corporate user conferences and esteemed networking organizations, we have connected nearly half a million in-person, highly targeted meetings between professionals.

So what in the world is Predictive Matchmaking and how is it improving the process in which professionals meet at conferences/trade shows, alumni event, user conferences or networking events in general?

Think about your attendees needs and imagine connecting them with the people they are seeking and how that would impact your event and the impact of them returning for future events.

Predictive Match Making offers several unique advantages to traditional networking platforms for event organizers such as:

  • Preview how individuals are matched up prior to the meetings taking place.
  • Change the parameters on how individuals are to be paired together.
  • Review and edit matches to ensure the highest quality of connections
  • Furthermore, if they don’t like all or some of the matches…they system can rematch participants based on the organizers direction.

Moreover, event organizers can see how successful their pairings of matches can be with a specialized scoring system….and if you don’t like the scores, redo the matching structure and see the new outcome (and repeat until the right matching parameters are fulfilled)!

And trust us, successful people love structure…and knowing who they are going to meet elevates their interest in participation and increases their overall satisfaction.