The Ultimate Speed Networking Solution for Today’s Virtual World

Look at any conference, trade show, or corporate event, and you’ll likely see them advertise “Reasons to Attend” with “Networking” listed high on that list. Networking has and will always be a vital reason to attend events. If participants cannot expand their networks and make strong new connections, their professional tree is simply not growing.

When COVID-19 spread across the globe, countless events were impacted, affecting the lives of millions of people. For many, this came in the fashion of not being able to attend annual events where they counted on networking with other attendees and potential business connections.

Luckily, innovative minds jumped into action to solve this issue. There are many virtual conference platforms out there to help combat the issue that is currently on hand. It would appear that most lack the ability to push virtual networking. One of the most dedicated strategic networking platforms over the last decade has been We have solely focused on the networking piece of our clients event, and have delivered over 500,000 in-person connections over the last 6-years. We have now effectively built a virtual platform that will solve many of the issues event attendees and coordinators face today. Whether you need a Peer-to-Peer event, Buyer/Seller, Mentor/Mentee, or a team building program, has you covered.

The new virtual Speed Networking program gives participants the ability to connect 1:1 with strategic connections based on mutual interest. The advanced matchmaking algorithm takes the guess work out of who you should be connecting with, and facilitates and automatically schedules these 1:1 meetings for you during the dedicated Speed Networking session.

Put the power of networking back into the hands of your event attendees by utilizing the ultimate virtual speed networking platform out there. Our ultimate goal is to make your life as an event professional easier, and your attendees networking connections stronger.