SpeedNetworking.com – How it Works!

Congrats! You’re on your way to making new and relevant connections to help you grow your professional objectives. Most likely your event organizer put some time into planning, organizing and executing this event so that you can have the best possible experience (so give them a pat on the back!)

While we believe nothing can truly replicate in person networking, virtual networking offers many incredible benefits and advantages, and we think you will agree!

Benefits of virtual networking

  • Participate from desktop, laptop, tablet or phone
  • Connect with a greater range of professionals
  • Never miss a connection opportunity as you can connect from anywhere in the world
  • Engage on a private one to one video setting
  • Screen share to collaborate, to share services and solutions, and much more

Your entire virtual speed networking journey is a well-orchestrated and highly organized process, and we strive to make the experience seamless for you. You and all the participants experience the same process and flow through a pre-set timed sequence of meetings. We realize the experience is so new for many people and therefore, we’ve provided detailed steps to ensure a smooth and positive experience and FAQ’s to assist you.


First time participants must create a basic profile on the platform. When you are invited to an event you will visit the site and select “Join Now” and proceed through the standard and quick initial registration.

Join Now –

As each event is unique with its own set of matching criteria and ice breakers, each participant must complete this section for each event they participate in.

  1. Log In – app.speednetworking.com
  2. “Join an Event” with “Event Key” from your home page
    Your event organizer or SpeedNetworking.com will email you your “Event Key”. If you do not receive it please reach out to your event organizer. Enter the “Event Key” into the “Join an Event” box to go to the event landing page.
  3. Register for Your Organization’s Event
    On your organization’s event landing page, select “Register for Event” and proceed through the brief event specific registration until the very end. If you don’t complete until the end you will not be included in the pairings.


  1. Check Email or Log In
    Your event organizer or SpeedNetworking.com will send an email to alert you when “Check In” begins. Often this is up to 24 hours prior to the registration deadline as posted for the event. Additionally, check in often ends prior to the event start time, so make sure to read the notice from your organizer.
    This is a critical step and is required to participate.
    (SEE FAQ’s About Why It’s Required!)
    Simply click on the link to “Check In” or visit the site at app.speednetworking.com and log in and visit the event and click the “Check In” button.

    Note: Not all events are planned the same, so double check when the “Check In” deadline takes place.

When it’s time for the event, please follow the steps below. The program is all a timed sequence of events to keep all participants on track. It’s always best to arrive to the event 5 minutes early to make sure you are able to log in, find the event and review your schedule of meetings. Once you are in your schedule of meetings, look to the bottom of the screen to see a timer. When this timer reaches 0 it will be time for your first meeting.

  1. Log in: app.speednetworking.com
    We suggest logging into the site at least 5 minutes prior to the start time to make sure you are in good shape and ready to go!
  2. Go To The Event:
    Scroll down to “My Events” and select the event that is taking place. Most likely it will show the event name and say “Upcoming”
  3. Click: “See Meeting Schedule”
    When the event time begins, you will see “See Meeting Schedule” – select this to then enter your Virtual Schedule of Meetings. It’s normal that it might not appear on your screen until a minute or two after the start time (don’t worry that’s okay!). Scroll to the bottom of your event landing page to “See Meeting Schedule”
  4. First Meeting
    All participants meetings start at the same time. Your event organizer will often schedule a buffer of time between the start time of the event and the first meeting.There is a timer at the bottom of your screen that will inform you with how much time remains until your first meeting.
  5. Join Video Meeting
    Select “Join Video Meeting” to meet your first participant when the timer hits 0 at the bottom of the screen. This will illuminate when it’s time for the first meeting.Hint – Watch the timer at the bottom of the screen counts down to 0 your “Join Video Meeting” will illuminate and turn blue.
  6. Repeat
    When you conclude your first meeting you will then complete a very brief survey and then return to your meeting schedule where you will wait for the next round (often 1 minute) and select “Join Video Meeting” when it’s time for the next meeting.

,Your Meeting Tools

  • Timer
    Throughout the event you will see timers on your video screen. Please keep an eye on this to inform you how much time remains in the meeting. When the timer hits one minute a box will appear to inform you. At this time begin to wrap up your meeting and discuss next steps.
  • Video
    Your video experience is consistent with other video platforms and you can elect to turn the video on our off. If you are having difficulties, please see our FAQ’s at the bottom of this page.
  • Audio
    Your audio experience is consistent with other video platforms and you can elect to turn the audio on our off. If you are having difficulties, please see our FAQ’s at the bottom of this page.
  • Screen Share
    Your screen share is consistent with other video platforms and you can elect to turn the screen share on our off. Note: Mobile devices do not have this ability If you are having difficulties, please see our FAQ’s at the bottom of this page.
  • Notes
    At the conclusion of the meeting, you can enter brief notes about your partner so that when you come back you’ll have some quick reminders about something you enjoyed about the partner.
  • Survey
    Upon the completion of each round, you will complete a brief survey of your partner. This information is not shared with your partner but provides you a reminder later of how you enjoyed the meeting.
  • Partners Information
    At the conclusion of the event you will have access to all your partners information and you can come back later to reconnect with them and you’ll be reminded how you met them and what you thought of the meeting.CLICK THIS LINK FOR TROUBLESHOOTING AND FOR A LIST OF FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS (FAQs)