Q4 Client Spotlight: MedTech

Here at SpeedNetworking.com, we’re ending the year strong! This quarter, we’ve had the opportunity to work with so many great organizations, but one that really sticks out to us is MedTech.

MedTech is a trade association, located in Syracuse, New York, that connects New York’s bio/med industry through collaboration, education, and advocacy. This year marked the fifth time we’ve had the chance to work with them, so we sat down with Joseph Hunter, MedTech’s Marketing & Communications Coordinator, to help you learn more about what it’s like to work with SpeedNetworking.com.

What prompted your initial interest in SpeedNetworking.com? Was there a specific networking related obstacle you were trying to overcome?

“Our organization’s motto is “Connecting New York’s Bio/Med Industry” and we believed that SpeedNetworking.com was the piece of the puzzle that we needed to fully carry out that mission.”

What types of events have you used SpeedNetworking.com for?

“We have used SpeedNetworking.com for our Annual Conferences as we have a diverse group of people, in different positions and job classifications, who attend. With the help of SpeedNetworking.com, we can create connections between people that we may not have known to exist otherwise.”

What do you like most about working with SpeedNetworking.com?

“SpeedNetworking.com creates a variety of connections for its participants. We love the value that it brings to our community.”

How has the SpeedNetworking.com program helped better connect your audience?

“Building off answer number three, SpeedNetworking.com creates connections for our community that may have not existed if it wasn’t for the facilitated/scheduled aspect. It has given our community members the opportunity to further their businesses because they see the value in connecting – they could very well be sitting across the table from their next business partner, colleague, co-worker, etc. Also, it sets the tone for the rest of the event – people are going to want to follow up with the connections that they felt were the strongest and it makes for great energy!”

How would you describe the planning process with SpeedNetworking.com? Did it help reduce the administrative time it takes to plan a successful session?

“The people at SpeedNetworking.com are a pleasure to work with! We never felt out of the loop or misinformed. It definitely helped reduce the administrative time spent on planning our session because we knew we had a great team at SpeedNetworking.com working hard to help us make it successful. We were extremely confident that it would be so too.”

What kind of feedback do you get from participants during or after events?

“Was not looking forward to this session – However, I was pleasantly surprised. Not only did this introduce me very quickly to new people it gave an energy and set the whole meeting up well.”

“Did not attend; heard it was fantastic – def repeat this…”

“Absolutely, one of the best things I have ever attended!”

“Excellent. Please do it again. It’s a good way to meet colleagues before the conference begins.”

“Best part of the conference. This is where all our valuable connections were made.”

Would you recommend SpeedNetworking.com to other organizations? And if so, why?

“We would absolutely recommend SpeedNetworking.com to other organizations who are in the same business to provide concrete value to its community, or its members. Sometimes it is hard to create concrete, tangible value – but with SpeedNetworking.com it allows the organization’s members, who may not realize right away, that they are creating that value for themselves! It’s a win-win situation!”

What advice would you give to other clients considering using SpeedNetworking.com?

“Do it! The facilitated/scheduled aspect of SpeedNetworking.com takes the headache out of planning the entire event.”

Is there anything else you would like to add?

“A thank you to the SpeedNetworking.com team for helping make MedTech 2018 a success!”