Q2 Client Spotlight: SDE & Speed Jobbing

Here at Speed Networking, we think our software is pretty great, but admittedly, we’re a little biased. Who isn’t about the things they’re passionate about?! To give you an idea of what working with us is really like, we’ve interviewed Caroline Berger, Project Manager at SDE, a company that provides consulting, networking, and career services to the business community of British Columbia, as part of our second client spotlight series.

SDE is unique in the fact that instead of Speed Networking, they use our software for Speed Jobbing. Interesting right? Here’s how it’s helped connect companies with qualified candidates at their events.

What prompted your initial interest in Speed Networking? Was there a specific obstacle you were trying to overcome?

I was trying to create and organize a new event because we see lots of job fairs in Vancouver. We wanted something more efficient and something that was new so that we could be different from other organizations.

What types of events have you used Speed Networking for?

We do speed jobbing to help companies find qualified candidates. So the way it works, we have big companies from all types of sectors in BC that are looking for qualified candidates. There’s a big filter before candidates can register. The companies love it because they know they will get interested and qualified candidates. It’s a quality event for everyone.

What do you like most about working with Speed Networking?

The team is really great. They are always available to help me if I have questions or if I want something personalized for our organization. And Sean is great. He helped me with the schedules for everyone. I would say the keyword is quality. Quality for everyone. For us, for the companies, and for the candidates.

How has the Speed Networking program helped better connect your audience?

It’s a great way for us to be more professional for the companies. It shows them that they won’t be wasting their time with us. They know that if they participate, they will get interesting profiles. So, it’s helped us gain the confidence and trust of the companies. And to be more well-known in BC.

Why did you choose Speed Networking over other event technologies?

I knew this was in the US, but I thought the software was easy to use. And pretty quickly after sending a request for a web demo, I quickly got a response so I felt that I was taken care of.

What kind of feedback do you get from participants after events?

They just love it. I got a bunch of feedback from the companies and even from some of the candidates. They told us it was very efficient. It was funny too… a lot of people said it was fun. And a lot of the companies have already hired people from the event. Even the day of the event they hired people.

Would you recommend Speed Networking to other organizations?

Yes. We already promote Speed Networking to our partners. A lot of them knew the format of speed networking but didn’t know of the software. So I explained the way it worked, and they loved it.

What advice would you give to other clients considering Speed Networking?

If you want to do something special and fun, definitely use the software. It’s simple, it’s convenient, it’s very useful.

Anything else you would like to add?

I know that you all are always trying to improve the software. It’s already very flexible, but it’s great to know you’re invested in making new features within it.

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