Is the Workplace as We Knew It, DEAD?

Whether a company is running fully virtual or partially, in-person contact with colleagues and social connection is what helps to drive NewGen employees and a factor that can help influence their job performance at the same time.

Considering this, it becomes almost clear why NewGen employees expect more guidance and leadership from their direct superiors in the workplace. Being close and connected with other colleagues, an employer, or even just their manager is already a big selling point, and those teams that can offer it will be able to enjoy a more diverse group of younger employees.

Employers are implementing Corporate Virtual Networking Solutions as one way to meet the demand for socialization in the workplace.  Virtual networking meetings are a familiar and comfortable environment for mentoring programs, peer to peer and cross training.  Learn more about Corporate Virtual Networking Solutions on our website:

The importance of workplace relationships

In a highly digital world where everyone is constantly connected, younger employees feel that their workplace relationship is a big part of their job, the environment they’re in and how they foster company culture.

With the NewGen employees being considered “digital natives,” around 7 in 10 surveyed Gen Zers said that in-person and face-to-face socialization in the workplace is important. Though the reality of this is somewhat two-sided since many of these employees also tend to look for jobs that can allow them more schedule flexibility with benefits such as remote-only or hybrid work.