Employee Retention Statistics 

Understanding retention statistics in the marketplace can help you understand the importance of your retention strategy and give you insight into where to focus. Here are some top employee turnover statistics to consider in 2023. 

  • In 2021, the US Bureau of Labor Statistics reported that the voluntary turnover rate was 25%
  • 57% of workers are open to looking for a new job.
  • Burnout from work is experienced by 74% of employees.
  • Only 32% of employees are satisfied with their role.
  • Almost two-thirds of employee departures are preventable.
  • 88% of highly engaged employees said they would be at their current organization in a year compared to 49% of disengaged employees.
  • Only 49% of existing employees said they felt valued by their leaders.
  • Only 38% of existing employees said they saw professional growth and career development opportunities for themselves at their organization.
  • Employees who are given ample growth and flexibility are 4x less likely to become a retention risk. 
  • Only 48% of existing employees said that when they give leadership feedback, it is well received and followed up on.