Does The New Generation of Employees Expect Too much from the Common Workplace?

The Great Resignation saw millions of employees quit their jobs in droves, with a majority claiming that a lack of workplace advancements and career development pushed them to seek new opportunities.

For the NewGen workforce, workplace recognition, support and field-related advancement help fuel their motivation. Though for many managers and team leaders it might always be easy to support all of their team members at once, it’s important to know that these younger employees value managers that are engaged and help to recognize their contribution.

Virtual networkingApart from this is the importance of career advancements, with many younger employees feeling that their employer or manager should provide and equip them with the right materials or resources to improve their career prospects. In a highly competitive work environment and job market, Gen Zs want to know that they are getting something from their employers, while also at the same time directly plaguing back their efforts into the companies they work for.