Amplify Your Mentor Program

Have you been looking for ways to better connect your experienced employees/attendees with the newcomers? Setting up a great mentor program can be the difference between building a solid foundation for your organization, to one that sees high turnover through the revolving door.

In today’s world, people like to build professional relationships and feel included in the overall direction that the business is going.

Imagine being able to provide your first year employees with a list of mentors that they ca­n connect with on a monthly basis. I’m sure that’s something you would think is valuable. Now amplify that by being able to make sure each contact given has so many common areas of interest that the conversation between mentor and mentee is so easy and beneficial to both, that they actually enjoy connecting with one another and it doesn’t feel forced. We’ve all been in the forced mentor/mentee conversation, which to put it simply, isn’t enjoyable.

The Mentor Program is completely customizable to the point where mentees can connect with mentors on a variety of topics. Most of our successful mentor programs offer a mix of business specific topics, but also pepper in non-business topics so each pair can connect more on a real human-to-human level.

When your employees start to build relationships with higher level staff, the “buy-in” towards the company starts to amplify. No longer do they think of their position as “just a job” but they can start to visualize a long term career.

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