5 Critical Factors to Creating Meaningful Engagement

Everyone knows that networking is import, it’s one of the top reason to attend any event. Whether it’s in-person or virtual, networking can turn a great event into an amazing one, and even a poor event to a good one. If you can walk away with some truly solid contacts, the event was certainly worth your time.

Now comes the hard part, the actual networking. Although it doesn’t have to be difficult, even for the introverts out there. Programs like SpeedNetworking.com have made it easy for the participant to make relevant strong contacts, all while making the setup for the organizer a simple process.

Here are 5 Critical Factors to Creating Meaningful Engagement at your next event;

  1. Commitment – Needless to say, your audience needs to be committed. If they don’t show up and aren’t committed to the event, the networking will fall flat and your participants will want more. The SpeedNetworking.com program has a simple two-way commitment that the participants execute in order to participate. This leads to minimal, if any, no-show rates.
  2. Ease of Use – No one wants to jump through hoops in order to network. Everyones time is precious and capturing key information in order to make mutually interested connections in a timely manner is vital to the overall experience. The SpeedNetworking.com registration process typically takes less than 5 minutes to register.
  3. Mutual Interest – Have you ever been in a conversation that you knew was going no where? Same. Odds are, the other person felt it too. We hope. Pairing people up that share common interests and objectives for the event will make the conversation much more enjoyable.
  4. Timely – Great networkers “work the room.” Getting stuck with one or two people for night, even if it’s a great match, can hinder the overall experience. There is nothing wrong with ending a conversation with a plan to reconnect in the coming days. Many people are hesitant to do that however. With the SpeedNetworking.com program, the rounds are set on a specific timer, which will end every conversation on it’s own. (Don’t worry, they can always reconnect in Step 5). Move on to the next round and make another great contact.
  5. Organization – Unfortunately one of the most overlooked aspects of networking is the “follow-up.” People need to realize this isn’t the dating world, it’s OK to reach out sooner than 3 days. The SpeedNetworking.com program allows every participant unlimited access to utilize their program long after the Speed Networking session is over, including access to private 1:1 rooms to continue discussions. Each user can reference notes, feedback, and profile information on their connections all within a simple convenient interface.

If you are searching for a program that can hit on all of these factors, which should be your ultimate goal when hosting a networking event, contact SpeedNetworking.com today to get your event setup within minutes.